Artemisia Cancer Cure?

Ik krijg van vele kanten informatie aangereikt over Artemisia, deze blog heeft een aantal interessante verwijzingen naar onderzoeken.

Op Amaz514KkiOiPxL._SX348_BO1,204,203,200_on vond ik dit boek wat veel informatie bevat.

The Truther Girls' Blog

I had recently come across a testimony from a Doctor who treated a boy with cancer with artemisia, among other things, and he stated that it produced a prompt remission. So I looked into Artemisia.

Artemisia cure for cancer?

In an archeological dig in China in the 1970’s, many ancient herbal remedies were uncovered. Among them was one for malaria using Artemisia. As a result, this herb began to be used widely for malaria treatment. Of note, this is Artemisia Annua, also known as Sweet Annie or Qing Hao in Chinese, not Artemisia Absinthe, which is known as Wormwood and is commonly used in anti-parasite cures.

But what’s more, in 1995, bioengineering professors Henry Lai and Nahendra Singh from the University of Washington began studying its potential as an anti-cancer drug and found it killed cancer cells in vitro in a matter of hours, and was even able to cure…

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